Citizens of Sri Lanka spoke about being held captive by the Russians during the occupation of the Kharkiv region

"Seven Sri Lankan citizens a woman and 6 men were in Kupiansk at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. They tried to walk to Kharkiv in May. But at the very first checkpoint of the Russian army, they were detained, had their hands tied, bags put on their heads, and were taken to a makeshift prison in Vovchansk," said the head of the Investigative Department Serhii Bolvinov.

According to him, Sri Lankans were kept in the prison in inhumane conditions and forced to work as cleaners.

"Since the Rashists don't speak English, the foreigners never understood what the Russians wanted from them and what they were tortured for. The only thing they understood was that the Russians were saying "money" during the torture. Judging by this, the second army of the world demanded money from the detained foreigners from Sri Lanka," Bolvinov suggested.